Andrew Setiawan, also known as “kooma” was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1991. Being born in developing country, he always fascinated with the beauty and the refinement that the world possesses. His passion for art first started as a teenager when on a trip to Singapore he saw a street fair filled with graffitis and vinyl toys made by popular artists at the time. The idea of making regular words and letters look beautiful and fascinating will forever instill the belief on him that literally anything can be the the medium of artistic expression can without a doubt be made appealing.

Growing up in a family of architects and tailors, the influence of architecture and fashion are very prominent in his works, Throughout his life, he’s experimented with all sorts of medium, ranging from photography, clothes, and leather craft but the good old pen – paper and watercolor will always stay dear to his hear. This is ultimately the reason he opted to major in illustration in the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

Upon graduation he was selected to participate in the acclaimed Academy of Arts Spring Show in which he showcased a couple of murals and illustrations. He then went on to work for Gauntlet Gallery located in Downtown San Francisco. He has now moved back to Jakarta to further continue his career.

Artworks by Kooma


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