Rani Sryantoro “Tree & Toro”

Rani Sryantoro “Tree & Toro”

If the PowerPuff Girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, Rani Sryantoro is made of a love for all things cute, a drive to be successful in fashion, and a passion for visual storytelling.

After living in London for 6 long years studied Fashion Marketing in London College of Fashion and Regent’s University London, she now does marketing for a high-end couture fashion designer. Outside of work she also has her own brand, Tree & Toro—the embodiment of her love for all things cute, Japanese culture, Scandinavian Fairytales, and the magic of Disney. Growing up she enjoyed listening to fairy tales, folk stories, and of course, Disney. With Tree & Toro, she aspires to tell these stories through print and textile design, passing on the feeling of soothing calmness and content when she listen to these stories. After all, in a world so bleak and full of sorrow, sometimes a dash of positivity and a spirinkle of magic dust is all it needs.

Artworks by Rani Sryantoro

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