Tara Astari Kasenda

Tara Astari Kasenda

Tara Astari Kasenda was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1990. Graduated from Institute of Technology Bandung’s Faculty of Art and Design in 2013 and Paris College of Art’s Transdisciplinary New Media Master’s program in 2019, Tara has been experimenting oil painting, installation, prints, sculpture, and video.

Rooted in the conventions of painting while standing amidst the contemporary urban culture, Tara Astari Kasenda has passionately explored various mediums to find new understandings of painting in the spirit of her time. Through blurriness and soft pastel hues that ties her work together, she emphasized the issue of identity and perception. Her work evokes the feeling of ambiguity and paradox; about how the cultural identity of her generation tended to be overpowered by multiple identities that came with the global stream, leaving the idea of “self” in uncertainty – In which she defined as the “vagueness of being.”

Tara continuously implements research for each of her project. She collects data, observes phenomenons that happen around her, and investigates the history, theories, and studies on color and its connection to subjects such as light, culture, and psychology. The thresholds that her soft color palette have to offer; between beauty and chaos, the defined and undefined, reality and dream, old and new – drifts the beholder into a contemplative sphere of her mind. Based in Paris, Tara exhibit her works regularly in Europe and around South East Asia. She had three solo exhibitions, one shown as a special section for young emerging artist in Art Taipei 2015, Taiwan.

Artworks by Tara Astari Kasenda

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