Redy Rahadian

Redy Rahadian

Born in Cianjur, West Java on May 17, 1973, Redy Rahadian is an accomplished sculpture artist from Indonesia. He began his art career in 1997 and he has been actively participating in the evolution of Indonesia’s art scene.

Metal, such as steel, aluminum and copper, is currently his material of choice. His creative visions push him to fully understand the characteristic of each material involved in his creative process.

Only with a real knowledge of each metal that he, as an artist, is capable to go far and beyond what people expect of him. His works capture and honor the unique personality of each metal. Even though initially it was the world of automotive and engine design that captivated him, it was art that made him feel at home and sculpture became his language in communicating his messages.

Solo Exhibitions

2012: “Indonesiaku”, Mondecor Art-1 Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2009: Beijing Art Fair with Nadi Gallery, Beijing, China.

2008: “Heavy Metal Stories” Nadi Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia.

2007: “Interarction”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Group Exhibitions

2011: “Intersection/Irisan”, Andi Gallery Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

2009: “Kado #2”, Nadi Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia.


• “Manifesto”, The Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

• “New Age-New Blending: New Generation Chinese&Indonesian Artists Exchange”

• “New Age Gallery – Collaboration with Edwin’s Gallery, Beijing, China.

• “Survey”, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

• “Ruang dan Subyek”, Lontar Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

• “180 x 180”, One Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.


• “Indonesian Contemporary”, 1918 ArtSpace – Collaboration with Edwin’s Gallery, Shanghai, China.

• “Conscience Celebrate-September Art Events”, Fine Art Exhibition, organized by Edwin’s Gallery, Gandaria City, Jakarta, Indonesia.

• Sriwijaya 9, Jakarta, Indonesia.

• “Relation (Tanah Air: Seni Patung dan Lingkungan)”, organized by Edwin’s Gallery.

• Pakuwon City, Surabaya, Indonesia.


In 2003, Redy Rahadian came out as the winner of Metro TV Eagle Award Sculpture Trophy and Public Sculpture Project at Sun Plaza, Medan.

Artworks by Redy Rahadian

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